Hand Raised Birds

Nursery management (handraising) is an integral part of breeding. To successfully handraise chicks, especially from the egg, there are four aspects required- commitment, perseverance, dedication and patience. Hand raising begins from when the chick hatches and continues until the fledgling chick is completely weaned.

We check all our birds daily especially those exhibiting signs of nesting or look for birds that have come off her nest. In cases where there are chicks, we check that they are being fed. If the hen does not return to nest, we carefully remove either the chicks or eggs. Both the abandoned chicks and eggs are then examined to check overall condition before data is recorded, dated, bird identified and placed in either the incubator or brooder.

Different types of birds take varying lengths of time to incubate, so noting the date of laying can give a fairly accurate date for hatching. There are many aspects of the incubation process to attend, ensuring that the developing chick will hatch.

Brooding requires supplying a controlled temperature environment and clean bedding/ basket. The chicks are hand-fed a formula that contains the nutrients needed until they are ready to wean, a process that can last from 6 weeks to 40 weeks. The formula must be fed at a consistent temperature to enable the chicks to digest, absorb and organs to function properly. Failure to supply any of these aspects will result in illness and death.

One of the challenges we have faced is hatching, brooding and weaning the Glossy Black Cockatoo. We did a study, wrote an article on the challenge, and subsequently published findings in the Parrot Society magazine.

Studies have found that hand raised birds become very adaptable & are ideal either as a future breeding adult bird or if required a pet. Our success can be seen where our hand-raised birds are breeding & their progeny are breeding at much earlier stages than parent-raised birds. Most weaned chicks are DNA sexed before being offered for sale.

Conditions of Handraising on Consignment


  • All our chicks are from aviary-bred birds, pure and true to type.
  • We have the right to accept or reject application for consignment.
  • Price for hand raising given on enquiry, – as rates change for different species.
  • Hand raising fees will include incubation, hatching, brooding and the hand raising formula.
  • Hand raising costs- POA.
  • All chicks that are on wildlife license are be accompanied with movement advice/permit to move.
  • We will do all possible to ensure that chicks being hand raised are given quality care at all times.
  • All care taken but no responsibility taken if chicks being hand raised do not survive.
  • All eggs that do not hatch or chicks that do not survive are returned to owner.
  • Fees for incubating eggs to hatching will incur a $20 charge.
  • If chicks do not survive, there is a $10 a week fee to be paid for duration/length of time chicks were being hand raised.
  • DNA feather sexing included in hand raising.
  • Closed leg rings will be supplied and fitted when possible.
  • Unwell birds will be taken to Avian veterinarian only after consultation with owners
  • Veterinary bills are an additional cost to hand raising fees.
  • All hand-raised chicks/birds are independent before being returned to owner.
  • Balance must be paid on weaning and before freighting.
  • Freight boxes to be paid for by owners or purchaser of weaned chicks/birds.
  • We will do all we can to ensure birds arrive in good condition but cannot give a guarantee as freight companies are not under our control.
  • Freight is in addition to hand raising costs